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What does Wild Coast FM Broadcast?

Wild Coast FM is a a music based community radio station, broadcasting a mix of information, education and entertainment in English and Afrikaans.


Where does Wild Coast FM Broadcast?

Wild Coast FM broadcasts from studios situated in the Village Center, Schafli Rd on the East Coast Resorts to a footprint covering the Greater Buffalo City area and Coastline extending to Kei Mouth in the east and Kayser's Beach in the west.


What do I need to do and how can I help?

Wild Coast FM aims to be part of the community of the Greater Buffalo City Area by getting involved in activities throughout the area. Activities ranging from sport, music, school, cultural, religious and charities will be covered. We need your signature as a form of support for the initiative and if you represent a School PTA, Church group, NGO or business, a letter of support on your letterhead will assist us in our license application. The letters can be emailed to wildcoastfm@gmail.com or faxed to 086 683 4414.


Where can I get more information about Wild Coast FM?

We will be posting regular updates on our website and our Facebook page Wild Coast FM.


Can I get a job at Wild Coast FM?

Yes, the possibility does exist. We will be looking out for volunteers and permanent staff to work as Presenters, News Readers, Community Correspondents and Sales Teams. Keep a look out on www.wildcoastfm.co.za/ for updates.
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Week days

05h00 - 05h45    Landbou Radio on Wild Coast FM 98.6

06h00 - 10h00    Wild Coast Wake Up

10h00 - 14h00    The In Touch Show

14h00 - 18h00    Afternoon Drive Time

18h00 - 20h00    The Early Evening Show

20h00 - 21h00    Thursdays : Money Matters

20h00 - 24h00    Fridays: Party Time

24h00 - 06h00    WCFM Early hours


Week Ends


06h00 - 10h00    Saturday Morning Magazine

10h00 - 14h00    WCFM Top 40 -> International Top 20 & SA Top 20

14h00 - 17h00    WCFM 98.6 Sports Show

17h00 - 21h00    Saturday Night Braai Time on Wild Coast FM 98.6

21h00 - 24h00    Sound Surge

24h00 - 06h00    WCFM Early hours


06h00 - 10h00    Early Bird Reflection

10h00 - 13h00    Sunday Kaleidoscope on Wild Coast FM 98.6

13h00 - 16h00   Classic Hits on Wild Coast FM 98.6

16h00 - 17h00   Country on Wild Coast FM 98.6

17h00 - 21h00    Jazz on WCFM

21h00 - 24h00    WCFM

24h00 - 06h00    WCFM early hours.

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